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Isese festival mustn’t be eradicated — Traditionalists

“In what Orunmila told us, the word of God is established, we have chosen a leader to teach us various languages. When he would gather some of them, he taught them various religions on Isese. He taught them to follow any religion that suited them, and he said one should not hinder one.

Traditionalists celebrating the Isese festival in Ondo State have declared that the festival would continue to be celebrated annually.

Speaking on International Isese Day on Sunday, the Araba Isese in Ondo State, Araba Folorunsho Adetunji, said the group was trying as much as possible to ensure the festival did not go into extinction as they infuse the culture into their children.

Adetunji said, “When we observed that our fathers had gathered and had observed this festival, where they stopped, we get involved. If there’s a festival and we don’t involve our children, such festival would get destroyed, that is why we have the religion of the Ifa Council gathered together.

“We, the youths of today, gathered together in a temple way, we gathered children together in order for them to know that this Isese should not be moved away from them.  You don’t have to be afraid of it, it is not something children should not see; that is why we gathered children for them to know that it is an important thing. It is the word of God being established, it is Irumole’s word we follow. It is how we are created; it is very important.



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